Virtual Tree Medicine Walk

Follow Tatum on this virtual walk thru the forest to meet a few of her favorite Spring trees! You will learn about their medicinal and nutritional benefits, when to harvest and how to prepare them. Come experience some Spring tree medicine & tree magic!

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As we begin our walk to the woods we come across a few small grey birch.
Birch tree often show up after a forest is clear cut or after a fire. Birch trees require full to partial sun, so they are most likely grow in open areas near some kind of water, such as a river or stream.

After walking only a short distance past the Birch trees we are greeted by a stand of Spruce trees. There are a variety of species; red & black, and they are all different sizes.

As we walk along the stream we see a large hedgerow of Elders! How lucky are we to find this special tree on our walk.

As we approach the pond we see young Balsam Poplar growing, they like to keep their roots moist so it is common to see them growing near ponds or in ditches.

As we leave the pond and venture deep into the woods we come upon a huge Pine tree. It may be almost 80 feet tall! The ground is covered in Pine needles and there are baby Pines growing all around.

Now that we are deep in the woods amongst the tree medicine we can use this time to take some deep breathes and appreciate all that nature has to offer us.

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