Organically Grown Herbs

using permaculture & biodynamic practices

Hand-crafted Herbal Remedies

tea blends, oils, salves, tinctures, hydrosols

Fresh & Dried Herbs

gathered by hand or ethically wild-harvested

Herbal Education

workshops, herb walks, webinars & online courses


Support you immune system with natural medicine!  You can choose three products you want to receive!

Products to choose from that will support and boost your immune system:

Astragalus Extract          Immune Extract                          Cold n Flu Extract

Immuni-Tea                      Immune Broth/Soup Mix          Elderberry DIY Pack


Bear Roots School of Plant Medicine

Enrollment now open for January, April & September online & in-person courses!


Learn to confidently use herbs and food to nourish your body for optimal health and feel empowered to use herbs in your home for everyday ailments and overall wellbeing

*6 month program

*In-Person; Hampton & Moncton



Obtain a strong background in herbal medicine and nutrition to support your own health and gain skills to confidently support others in your community. 

*1 year program

*In-person; Hampton & Moncton 


Bear Roots Kitchen

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