Echinacea Flower Essence


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Contains: Echinacea Flower & Spring Water

Other Ingredients:  Brandy

Safety Consideration: None

Use Echinacea Flower Essence when your self-image is beginning to change, but you haven’t completely become your “new” self. When you feel uneasy or become ill during major transitions, Echinacea Flower Essence will be a welcome ally.
Echinacea Flower Essence breaks up whatever is holding you back from the changes that are in process. It slows down your reaction time to the changes making them more digestible and absorbable. This in turn makes your progress more visible. When you don’t release old images of yourself, they become stagnant and weaken your immune system. Echinacea Flower Essence stimulates letting go of these old self-images, making it more likely that you will remain healthy and strong during this transition time.

All extracts are made using fresh plant material either grown or wild harvested from our farm.  The plants are harvested by hand at their peak potency with reverence and gratitude.

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30ml, 60ml, 120ml

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