Elderberry Syrup Pack



Elderberry is a powerful herb used to prevent and even stop an upper respiratory virus.  It has powerful flavonoids that disrupt pathogens ability to replicate.  Elderberry Syrup can shorten the duration of the flu.  You should take it as soon as you feel a cold or flu coming on.  Frequent dosing is necessary to stave off a virus or if you are sick.  This is a food like herb so it should be taken in high doses.

In addition to the pack you will need water and honey to prepare the syrup.   Directions to make the syrup will come with the pack.  You can also watch this video of me making the syrup. 

Contains: Elderberry & flower (Sambucus nigra), Ginger Root (Zinigber officinalis), Cinnamon Chips (Cinnamomum burrmannii), Cloves (Syzygium aromaticum) & Astragalus (Astragalus propinquus)


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