Ashwagandha Extract


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Contains: Ashwagandha Root (Withania somnifera)

Other Ingredients: 50% Alcohol (1:4)

Safety Consideration: Avoid use during pregnancy or acute infections. Avoid use in hyperthyroidism. Please consult your doctor before using if you have a medical condition or take medications. Ashwagandha is a member of the Solanaceae (nightshade) family of plants; do not use without first consulting with your health care practitioner if you have a sensitivity or allergies to the nightshade family.

About Ashwagandha: Hand harvested fresh Ashwagandha roots are gathered in late fall from Bear Roots Forest and tinctured in New Brunswick made alcohol.  Ashwagandha is originally a perennial from India so we are happy to be able to grow it here in New Brunswick as an annual.

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