Community Supported Apothecary

Receive hand-crafted herbal medicine for each seasonal transition.

Bear Roots Forest CSA is a quarterly box of herbal medicines, created for the needs of each season, to help keep you balanced and healthy throughout the year. Participating in our CSA is an excellent way to support our farm where we grow and wild gather herbs using organic, permaculture & biodynamic farming practices.  We also incorporate sustainable and regenerative practices in respect of the land that provides us with such amazing food and medicine. 

Your CSA will include fresh and/or dried herbs, tinctures, teas, hydrosols, salves, oils, culinary delights and more, along with information about the medicinal properties of each remedy and how best to use them.  The items in your CSA box will focus on supporting the four seasonal transitions as described below:

Spring; arriving the week of March 20th- Liver Support, Allergy Care, Renew Body’s Vitality & Inviting Change

Summer; arriving the week of June 21st- Heart Support, Cooling, First Aid, Balancing, Joy, Grounding & Calming

Fall; arriving week of September 22nd- Lung Support, Strengthen Immune System, Clearing, Transitioning & Eliminating

Winter; arriving week of December 21st- Adrenal Support, Cold ‘n’ Flu, Warming, Deep Rest, Renew Strength & Spirit, Reflection & Warming


There are two box sizes to choose from:


Receive 4 products in your seasonal box

$120 for all 4 seasonal boxes

$33 each, if purchased individually


Receive 7 products in your seasonal box

$200 for all 4 seasonal boxes

$55 each; if purchased individually

*Shipping is charged extra at $10 per box.  Please contact is you want to arrange local pick-up. 

Two weeks before your box is set to arrive you will receive an email with a list of offerings available for that seasons herb box.  You can choose which products you would like to receive or let us surprise you!  The choice is yours 🙂  

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